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Artesanía del Prado



It has been a lovely summer and during September we have been busy in the new improved glass studio with various orders and making stock.
Apart from that, as predicted, we have been occupied with drying, bottling and preserving the fruit and vegetables from the garden.
However now that the weather has cooled a little we will be returning to the pottery and taking ownership back from the wonderful large gekko that has set up home in there!
As there is little work news we can profile some of the creatures with whom we share this paradise.   We will start with Martha.  
Martha was a stray who arrived many years ago during the weekend that we had our inauguration and was hanging about trying to eat the chickens.   You could not get near her as she was terrified but on the Monday morning Liz went into the pottery to find that she had hidden in there and got locked in.   She was starving and had a dislocated hip.    All the money that we had taken during the inauguration weekend went on vet’s bills paying for her operation!    However all that is history and I think it is safe to say that she lives happily ever after!  She is a lively busy dog who however is still doubtful about strangers.

Martha in the early days


but on the road to recovery


and now a healthy, happy dog