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Oil Lamps & Aromatherapy Burners

oil lamps

Our ceramic oil lamps have been sent and taken far and wide around the world.  They are simple to use and make ideal gifts  and are a beautiful addition to any home. These lamps are simply filled with lamp oil and will then burn for many hours without fuss or the need to refill. We make them in three different sizes and they are sold in a set of three. 
They come in two different colours, Ash Glaze and Blue and are sold as a set of three (one of each size) for 24,00€.Price on application for a quantity of a particular size only.

Aromatherapy oil burners.  

We have produced these burners for many years for aromatherapy oil suppliers.   They are in four different designs and the dishes are designed so that the water and oil will outlast a five hour tealight. The four designs are called Traditional, Morroccan, Chinese and African and come in a small variety of colours. All of our Aromatherapy Burners are priced at 10,50€ each.


Place a few drops of aromatherapy oil on to the disc.   Ideal to hang in  the car or near the dog’s beds!   3€ each (minimum order 5).

product gallery

Traditional Aromatherapy Burner - 10,50€ Traditional Burner
Morroccan Aromatherapy Burner - 10,50€ Morrocan Burner
Chinese Aromatherapy Burner - 10,50€ Chinese Burner
African Aromatherapy Burner - 10,50€ African Burner