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Artesanía del Prado


summer at last

Summer has really set in at last after a shaky start. Along with that comes the usual summer routine of very early rising to water and tend the garden followed by as much work in the studios as posible until it is too hot to work efficiently!

A very long planned mural at the entrance has finally happened. A mixture of ceramics and glass to give a flavour of what we do here assembled and finished by Olly and Alison who spent many weeks with us working, helping, advising and generally being a wonderful part of our team (view their blog here). See the series of pictures below……..>

We have had many visitors this year and they look to continue right through until October but the swimming pool and the animals act as hosts until we are able to stop work.

Our thinking for the last while has been of Sunflowers as there is to be an exhibition of various artistic interpretations of Sunflowers at the Molino del Santo in Benoajan during the month of August. Whilst thinking of exhibitions the exhibition of paintings by Melissa Hefferlin and Daud Akhriev is on until the end of July [details in last month’s news – don’t miss it if it is at all posible to get along it is wonderful!